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Why run a Trademark Search?

One of the first steps to starting your business is naming your business. One of the first steps in launching a product or service is naming the product or service. Before you use the name, YOU NEED TO KNOW IF THE NAME IS BEING USED BY SOMEONE ELSE. Finding out the hard way can have a devastating effect on your business: fines, legal liability, the lost opportunity cost of having to switch names midstream…

Even if no one else is using the name in your state or geographic region, a Trademark Search will reveal if someone is using the name in any part of the country. This is important to businesses that envision expansion. Every year, thousands of business owners find out that they are practically frozen out of expanding to an area with their business or brand name, as someone in that area has Common Law Rights to that business name. A Trademark Search will reveal this scenario up front, before time, money and effort is put into building a trade name or brand.

The Trademark Search ensures that you can use the name you want to use in your business. It also mitigates the risk that your trademark registration application will not be rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It is your responsibility to have the search done before you submit your application to the USPTO. Submitting a trademark registration application blindly risks a considerable amount of time and money.