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(A++) It was a pleasure working with the designers on my logo who went above and beyond my expectations to create what I was looking for. The value for the price was great, and they were like mind-readers. They researched my legal questions. Response was always very timely. I am expecting the final product very soon and looking forward to it. Jerry Wang's customer service and personal touch loudly spoke to pride in his work.
Georgia Latham
Phoenix, AZ
I had your Company set up a Corporation for me. I was leary about doing this over the Internet, but I gave it a try. I was so shocked with the service from Direct Incorporation. You fulfilled all your promises, and your people were absolutely wonderful. I had to call once and ask about my screw up with paying twice, but the company was already on top of it and took care of it. Talk about service - WOW! I also emailed Laura F a couple of times, and I was very surprised when she answered my emails in a very short period of time. Talk about Customer Service - nobody does that anymore (except Direct Incorporation). I really have never been so impressed with a Company than I have with Direct Incorporation. Thank you so much,
Randy Lammers
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We are happy that we decided to get your services, I would make a good word for your great service and recommend you to all of my friends.
Ma. Victoria Z. Belmonte
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I had a great experience, and I would definitely recommend your company to future entrepreneurs.
Tesa Porter
I am so pleased with the service I have received so far........I was so dreading having to deal with a lawyer on this. You have made it so simple and affordable and I cannot thank you enough!!! I will highly recommend your service!!
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Believe me....I will recommend your services to anybody that wishes to start a guys are great.
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Fantastic! Feel free to use me as a reference, your work was excellent, kept me up to date and responsive. Thank you.
William C. Islava, CPA
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Thanks. It's been a pleasure, and I'm looking forward to the future possibilities with Direct Incorporation. Thank you for your excellent services. I'll keep in touch as I find new information with my friend's business.
Clinton, MS
You guys have been great! Thank-you for everything.
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From the very beginning your staff made me feel welcome and comfortable.
Robert Allen
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You guys provide very good service - every time I call, it's been very helpful.
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I am very pleased with how easy it was to accomplish the incorporation process by using your service.
Frederick Harvey
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Thank you for your blinding speed in getting things done!
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Thanks so much for your help - every time I've called you guys, you all have been very professional and very helpful!
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Thank you so much, I can't believe how fast they did it. Kudos to Direct Incorporated
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Thank you so much for everything. You guys are awesome.
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Thank you so very much!!!!! Your service & people have been very helpful!
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Thank you very much for your work. With your fast and high quality service my company was able to secure a very good contract with Lehman Brothers. I'm very satisfied with the service you provided and would highly recommend your company to anybody looking for incorporation assistance. Good job!
Serguei Kaskoff
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I just called for information and am absolutely delighted with the assistance that I received. Thank you so much, I know that I have been particularly demanding.
WOW - that was speedy. Thank you very much. I'll watch for the pkg/documents kit on Monday.
Mesa, AZ
Thanks. You are pretty quick. Appreciate your excellent service.
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You have been very good to work with. I don't see that too often any more.
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Thank You very much !!! You have been most helpful !!!
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I must say, not only did your prices win me over, but the level of customer service you provided has been outstanding. It's few and far between that you find genuine customer service now a days, so I thank you.
Mike Kurtz
Thank you for the great customer service.
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You have been so amazingly helpful! I can't tell you how nice it is to feel like you actually have someone on your side in this wacky business world!
Jeisca Lyons
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I have nothing but praise for your fine services.
Paul Zottoli, Jr.
Tyrone, PA
I just wanted to thank you for you help with our incorporation. Not only were your prices very competitive, more importantly it was a pleasure talking to you on the phone. Rarely do you find people in business that seem to enjoy what they do and it really seems that you do. It definitely comes through on the phone and was the selling point for using your company.
David Beinhacker
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[Our representative] was extremely helpful! He addressed all of my questions, and was very patient. I truly appreciate his assistance with all of this.
Heidi Luckenbach
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Thank you very much for your work! I have been very pleased with your attentiveness and appreciate your prompt service.
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Please pass my sincere thanks to all at Direct who processed my Premier Package for "Apprich International". Well done!!
Bob Apprich
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Your services are fantastic, efficient, and very professional, I would definitely recommend your company. ''Wow'' your response time and business initiative is remarkable.
Lincoln, CA
The kit you supplied was tip top and relatively easy to customize and follow.
NJ Client
Thanks for all of your prompt emails and keeping me up to speed. It is very much appreciated.
Cliff Cowan
Cincinnati, OH
Thank you so much for all that you did. I am so pleased with how quickly and painless this was.
Julie Painter
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I have worked with you to establish my LLC as well as my trademarks. I have also referred several people to your company over legal zoom. I have been extremely happy with the level of customer service I have received.
Sara R. Jacobs, J.D.
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Thank you very much. You have been excellent. I will not hesitate to refer.
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Thank so very much. Believe me....I will recommend your services to anybody that wishes to start a guys are great.
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Thanks, you've been great to deal with.
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I wanted to take a moment and Thank You, for all of your help during a very difficult 2009. Your involvement has helped more than you could imagine.
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I really appreciate the follow-through of you and your company DirectIncorporation. My very best to you!
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I just wanted to say that you have an excellent response time to my emails and phone calls. I am very impressed with your customer service and I really appreciate that.
Tiffany Meehan
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Incorporation is not something very many people do in a lifetime, so I will probably not be asked advice on the matter by too many friends. But if I ever encounter anyone in need of your services, you will get my highest personal recommendation.
Robert Allen
Lake Hughes, CA
I am very impressed by your company and the way it functions. I had a horrible experience [previously] with another company who does the same thing, yet doesn't, because of how they do business. I am thrilled I found your company on the internet.
Kelly Joy Hasselkus
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I have been very pleased with your services and would like to thank you dearly for your service.
Maxine Fair
Alexandria, LA
(About our Business Compliance Program): Thank you for the multiple reminders - it was very helpful in keeping it in the forefront of "to do"'s. Thank you again for your help in keeping our company informed to stay within state and federal guidelines. It helps a new business owner keep a peace of mind.
Erin E Buckley
Dallas, TX
Thank you for your continuing service and patience. This has been an excellent experience for me as a customer.
Bonnie Friedmann
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Thank you very much. Once again, I do appreciate how you and your colleagues respond to your clients. When personal integrity and good business practices are combined, spectacular results are inevitable.
Bill Trinklein
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I appreciate your hard work, and will spread the word to everyone we know who's thinking about incorporating.
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You can use my name as a reference any time, my friend. You all do a great job!
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I want to comment about the impressive customer service I have received since I ordered your services. I am so very happy I chose to work with all of you versus another company. You are making this process pretty easy & virtually stress-free.
Mary Fitzgerald
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Thank you very much for your help with the incorporation process. I was very happy with how smoothly the entire process went. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in incorporating to go through you!
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Thank you very much for keeping me informed on the process. You have done a fantastic job to date, I can't wait for the final papers to arrive. I will remember your service quality when I move to my next venture.
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Paperwork came today. Thank you for all your help, we are very pleased with your service. We will definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you,
Benjamin Strom
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Thanks a bunch. Great service, fast and keeps you updated. Good stuff.
Jason Roussel
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I have worn myself out talking to different lawyers and CPAs about doing this. And really - your website was more user friendly and informative than all the lawyer/CPA speak put together!
Knoxville, TN
I just wanted to let you know that this was the most painless process to date! My husband started a business 5 years ago and we did this with an attorney. It was expensive, time consuming and confusing. I really appreciate being able to look at the status of my application and that it is always current. I would NEVER do this any other way and will recommend this service at my Toastmaster, BNI and Chamber of Commerce meetings.
Beth Fletcher
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I thank you very much for a well done job.
Geraldine Goodall
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Thanks for the great customer service you have given us. Keeping us "in the loop" each step of the way, as you did, makes us happy and able to sleep at night :-)
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Thanks, you've been a tremendous help!
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Your company handled all aspects of our incorporation. We are pleased with the results.
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Again, thank you so much for your help. We greatly appreciate the assistance you and your staff has provided us.
Dan and Tom
Henderson, NV
You are making this process easier as we are trying to go on are own as far as we can without attorneys due to their huge fees and out small budget
Tania Patrizio
The Jones Bros. would like to thank you and your team with assisting us with incorporating our business. We made an excellent decision in selecting Direct Incorporation and having you as a bonus (our account manager).
Milton Jones Jr.
Dellwood, MO
Thanks for your help, it was such a smooth process.
Brooke Adams
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You are awesome, my wife loves you guys and has been doing business with you since I dig your style too!
Joe and Pam Rumi
Laguna Niguel, CA
Just wanted to give you a heads up of OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE with Keri.' Keri has shined in every aspect of service to me with the design of website and logo and tons of emails afterward to walk me through the process of adjusting my webpage, to setting up and modifying my web accounts and with modifications to my logo. I will not hesitate to HIGHLY RECOMMEND your service and tell them to ask for Keri if possible. To say that I am MOST PLEASED is a huge understatement. KUDOS to KERI...she is awesome.
Curtis M. Couch, MBA
Spring Branch, TX
Thank you for your services it was well worth it.
Jack Ramey
Ashland, OH
You can use my name as a reference any time, my friend. You all do a great job!
Roger Brown
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I recently purchased the Venture a Package and am very satisfied with all of the services so far. My logo is amazing! I am preparing all the info for my website to be designed by your team. Thank you for your support.
Amy Laliberte
Haverstraw, NY
I'm amazed at how fast this was accomplished. I appreciate your keeping me up to speed every step of the way. The last company I used was L**** Z*** and I never heard from them until the documents arrived in the mail and the wait was much longer. Thank you for your assistance.
Leigh E. Cote'
Pagosa Springs, CO
I am considering the next step in my business idea and I was totally impressed with the layout and user-friendliness of your site. I feel so much confidence in moving forward than ever before. I will definitely work with you all only. Thanks again and continue the good work.
Vera Coleman
Whew! You are beyond efficient! This is most helpful, which is typical for DirectIncorporation. Thanks so much.
Paul Artrip
I used Direct Incorporation to incorporate two companies. Just so you'll know, the entire experience with your company was more than I expected. For one of my companies, I used the Premier package and everything was of top quality! Once my other company kicks off, I plan to come back to DI to upgrade it to the Premier package. Thanks for all your assistance!
Todd Doss
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Thank you for your help. I was very pleased with how easy your company made this process for me!
Aaron Parker
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Thank you so much for the service you provided for me! The process went very smooth and much better than I had expected. I had done this before with another company it was not this fast or easy. I will recommend you to others!
Kevin Taylor
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Thank you for taking the time to talk with Tom and I today. We sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing our business needs. You were informative and very helpful and gave us a new perspective on our business needs.
Henderson, NV
Your service has been terrific, we recommend you whenever we get the chance.
Jean Isernio
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I felt the need to compliment you as a professional. I have not had any party that I have dealt with lately or even often be as efficient as you were!! I will certainly use your organization for any of the services you provide and recommend you as well. Thanks so much for your prompt attention. Great doing business with you.
Sallie MacKie
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Thanks for all the help. I was very impressed & satisfied with your service & the timely matter in which Direct Inc. processed my paper work.
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Thanks . . ., good job! We will do more business in the future. You have won me as a customer! I am very hard to please and you have certainly done that.
Daniel Hoover
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I would like to thank you for being so very helpful during this whole process and answering my questions. It truly was a great pleasure working with you.
Savannah, GA
You truly are fantastic! At the efficiency rate you're going, your competitors will have to be contented eating your dust daily. How blessed I am that I'm not in the same business as yours. By the way, is there by chance a job vacancy for me in your company? You are the perfect mentors for me. Kudos and thanks to you again.
Conrad Ariola
North Bellmore, NY
You have done an excellent service for me and my new company. Since February 18th, 2009, when you incorporated my business, I have been successful. Thank you so very much!!
Kelly Colbert
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Thanks! Your level of service is outstanding.
Scott Lachance
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Great! Thank you for the excellent service. You have met my expectations and I truly wish your company all further success and prosperity.
Muhanad Sharaf
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I wish to thank you for a lovely package, it really impressed those that I showed it to. I am hoping this venture grows and grows which I believe will happen. Also, I hope to do continued business with you in the future. Please keep in touch.
Paul Robinson
Akron, OH
Thanks so much, you all are the best
Tyra Johnson
Philadelphia, PA
I want to tell you, I am so pleased, I can't even comprehend how you've helped me. You have been very thorough and professional, and I have not felt one time that the $388 I paid you was a waste of money at all. I give you guys an A+ and I want to commend the whole company for that.
Troy Hotchkiss
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I incorporated last year under your website, and I was really pleased with the promptness and courtesy of all of the people I encountered.
Clinton, MS
We have used your services for the incorporation of two business entities. Again, thank you for your professional services. We are very pleased with Direct Incorporation..
Salvador Lopez
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Thank you. You have made this process so easy and non stressful. You have been a great team to work with.
John Athens
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Thank you for the update. I am pleased to wrok with such professional individuals.
Richard Pizano
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I thank you and Direct Incorporation for your professional services.
William B. Hinton
Fresno, CA
Many thanks for walking us through this process and making it literally painless.
Rina Duncan
Silver Spring, MD
Thanks for your help, and I have to tell you, three parties that were present all have previously established LLCs and they were all impressed with your package and they all spent a lot more for their LLC. Thanks for all your help.
Gregg Dukes
Collegeville, PA
Thank you, you guys were great. I will highly recommend your services to everyone I know. Thanks again.
Kimberly Bowyer
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I am so thankful to have you and your company to go to for questions and guidence like this. I really appriciate everything. You have been wonderful and helpful from the beginning!
Tisha Glenn
San Diego, CA
This was very easy. This was great. Working with our company was a pleasure. I paid $3,000 to someone else before, and this was much better. Be sure and tell your company that.
Gregory Brue
Albuquerque, NM
We especially appreciate your time and effort in explaining every section of the business application. We plan on following up with you in the future as our business needs grow. We will also highly recommend you, and your company, to others who are in need of LLC/Business services.
Dan Walker, Tom Cullen
Henderson, NV
Thank you for your assistance once again. You have made this process as simple as possible for me.
John Conaghan
San Francisco, CA
Had a call from your associate this morning. Great follow up, you guys are terrific!
Teri Donnelly
Carlsbad, CA
Thank you so much for your time and cooperation. You guys have been the greatest.
Lena Singell
Tombstone, AZ
I have to admit I was a little worried handling the incorporation of my new business on line with people many states away whom I will never meet face to face. But considering both lawyers I contacted to handle the operation wanted $1100.00 just to enter the office, I opted for something more reasonable. From the very beginning your staff made me feel welcome and comfortable.
Robert Allen
Lake Hughes, CA
I just wanted to say thanks for your time and efforts in getting my company up and running. Be assured that I will happily refer others to your service.
Jon Agiato
Ozone Park, NY
I used your company's services some time ago. I was more than happy with the time in which my corporation set up was completed and all the friendly help along the way. I don't give many referrals to friends and family, however I have referred 4 others to your company with the same results that I have had. Thank you and keep up the great work!!!
Phil Hackenberry
Atlanta, GA
I just completed my online application for my new LLC, just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for taking the time to walk me through the process on the phone last week. You were very insightful and extremely helpful in making sure I fully understood the process and was an informed decision maker. Professionals like you, and trustworthy companies like Direct Incorporation make it easy and pain free for people like me to get a new business up and running, and your expertise was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your time and professionalism.
Eric T. Finchum
Dix Hills, NY
Your quick response to my request for incorporating my new business venture has been a great experience. It has been a delight to use your service in getting started on the right track. On behalf of DH Signature Weddings "LLC", I would like to thank you for providing prompt service and directions to the world of business. You have presented a wealth of knowledge on incorporations and business functions. I am certain that I will tell others about you and the services your company provides. In addition, I will call upon your services in the future.
Deborah Hill
Orlando, FL
Just wanted to say thank you for making the whole business start process VERY EASY!
David Grewe
Chula Vista, CA
Holy cow your site is awesome! Thank you for all your help!!!
Lara Becker
Richardson, TX
I am happy that I chose Direct Incorporation. Your service has been prompt and professional to say the least. I will surely tell others of your quality service.
Robert Hilliard
Bowie, MD
Several times I had questions. After very short waiting times I was talking to a real person, not a computer, and my questions were answered thoroughly and accurately. Thanks to Direct Incorporation the mechanisms of our corporation are in place and ready to start functioning. As far as I'm concerned the price you charged was quite reasonable considering what we got for it.
Robert Allen
Lake Hughes, CA
We used your company a few years ago to set up an LLC for us. This new LLC has not been 100% decided upon yet. You will be the 2nd person I contact as soon as my boss says go. You guys made the last one very easy for me.
Peggy Bailey
Abilene, TX
You all are most professional and have a slick system.
David Luetchford, C.Eng., P.E.
Houston, YX
Thank you so very much for all your help and time. I would recommend you and your company to anyone. Everyone was so helpful and quick to answer me.
Cynthia V
Thank you for all your help with this I really appreciate it. If you guys do any customer surveys I will give you high scores.
Daniel Dekker
St. George, UT
You guys are awesome. I'm glad I chose you.
Gary St Laurent
Nashua, NH
You've been great to work with, and thank you for everything you've done.
Joseph Sandgathe
Eugene, OR
Thanks really appreciate the personal service! You've made this a much easier, and much less costly, process than when I incorporated a business (using an accountant and a lawyer) in California several years ago! Appreciate all the help, and efficient responses etc..I'll recommend you to anyone I hear of who's planning to incorporate
Stacy H. Small
Palm Beach, FL
You're the best! If you need a testimonial I'll be glad to offer one. Thanks again for all your help with this.
Warwick, NY
You have been so helpful throughout this whole process.
Greg Woods
Foothill Ranch, CA
Thank you for your assistance. I also applied for and gotten my Tax ID number. I appreciate all you have done. This was as easy as can be.
Vince Cartier
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Thanks for all your help! I will definitely send others your way! You made this experience so easy! Thanks
Cheryl Niesz
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You have been absolutely wonderful. I don't know what I would have done without you! I hope this is a sign of how smoothly my corporation will run.
Mary Jo Katz
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