Ignite Legal
Trademark registration and research

Register your Trademark with the help of an experienced attorney. Free consultation and flat fees offered.

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Excel Funding Solutions
Best Funding Option

Starting a new business? Finding financing for a start-up or to expand a business is a challenging undertaking in today’s tight financial markets. We are a direct resource for your Capital requirements.

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Heartland Payroll
Payroll management and processing

Streamline your payroll process with efficient payroll services from Heartland Payroll.

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Copyright Law
Protect your Creative Work

Protect your work (e.g. Music, Books, Artwork) and maintain your rights to your intellectual property with a copyright attorney.

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Greenberg and Lieberman
Patent law services

Protect your inventions and innovations with patent law services from Greenberg & Lieberman.

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Billing services

FreshBooks delivers fast and simple invoicing and time tracking services that help you manage your business.

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Labor law posters

ComplyRight offers labor law postings to help companies avoid hefty fines and legal liablities.

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Free business plans for all

Automatically write a customized business plan, prove your idea and forecast the success of your business.

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Lepper & Company
Certified Public Accountant

Lepper & Company, LLC is a professional tax, accounting, and payroll firm

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Green Pay
Start accepting credit cards today

Unmatched customer service meets cutting edge technology at GreenPay.

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The "any way you want to communicate" business solution

Cloud-based business communications for small, midsize and enterprise businesses.

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License Logix


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