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In-Depth Incorporation FAQ

What is a Resident Agent and do I need one to incorporate?

Appointing a resident agent is required for incorporation. The corporation's resident agent is simply a person designated by the corporation to receive important legal and other documents on behalf of the corporation. The resident agent must be a resident of the company's state of incorporation and the resident agent's address must be a physical address (not a PO Box) within the state of incorporation.

Virtually any state resident can serve as a corporation's resident agent. However, it is strongly encouraged that the corporation appoint someone who is closely associated with the corporation as to ensure that the corporation is alerted to all important documents received. A corporation commonly appoints an owner, director, or officer of the business to serve as the initial resident agent.

Whom should I appoint as my resident agent if I want to incorporate in Nevada or Delaware?

If you wish to incorporate in Delaware or Nevada and your company does not have an office within the state, Direct Incorporation can provide you with a dependable resident agent as part of our incorporation service.