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In-Depth Incorporation FAQ

Aside from incorporation, are there other legal requirements that I need to be aware of before my company transacts business?

Employer Identification Number

Before your company transacts business it will need to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS. When you incorporate with us, we can walk you through the process of obtaining an EIN at no extra charge.

Publication Requirement

A handful of states have a publication requirement. This requirement generally directs a new corporation or LLC to file a notice of incorporation (organization) in a newspaper of local circulation. The following states have such a requirement:

  • New York (LLCs),
  • Pennsylvania (C and S-Corporations),
  • Georgia (C and S-Corporations),
  • Arizona (LLCs, C and S-Corporations), and
  • Nebraska (LLCs, C and S-Corporations)

License Requirements

In order to comply with state business regulations, certain categories of new corporations and LLCs will be required to obtain a license and possibly pay a state fee before transacting business.

Corporate Formalities

Corporations and LLC must follow certain corporate formalities.