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Company Name

Basically, all that is required in selecting a corporate name is that the name is distinguishable from already existing corporate names. When you fill out the online application, to ensure that the name is distinguishable we will execute a preliminary name check. Further, we will ask that you supply more than one name in order to increase your chances of selecting one that is distinguishable, and to expedite the incorporation process.

Within the Articles of Incorporation a corporate name must be followed by the word:

  • Corporation,
  • Incorporated, or
  • Company.

An LLC name must be followed by the words:

  • Limited Liability Company, or
  • Limited.

An abbreviation of the corporate indication, such as:

  • Inc.,
  • Co.
  • Corp.
  • L.L.C.
  • Ltd., or
  • LLC

is also acceptable. Our online process will prompt you with the acceptable designations.