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Quick Notes on Incorporating in Pennsylvania

Processing time State fees Our fee
20 to 30 business days
on average
5 days with Same Day Filing
with $100 expedite fee
C-Corp or S-Corp
Incorporating in Pennsylvania requires a state filing fee of $125 for a Corp or LLC. The incorporation process usually takes around 15-20 business days. Keep in mind that after a company is incorporated as an S-Corp or C-Corp, Pennsylvania requires that a notice of incorporation be published in at least 2 local newspapers. This publication requirement does not apply to LLCs.

Pennsylvania does not require an annual report or fee to maintain a C-Corp or S-Corp. However, an LLC must file an annual report and pay a base fee of $420 times the number of general partners. The LLC report and fee must be filed on or before April 15th of each year following the year the LLC was initially organized.

Unlike most states where geographic and numeric designations and pluralized words would be disregarded when considering a name for approval, Pennsylvania considers adding such marks as distinguishing it from preexisting company names.