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Quick Notes on Incorporating in New Jersey

Processing time State fees Our fee
10 business days
on average
C-Corp or S-Corp
When forming an LLC or Corporation in New Jersey, it may be a good idea to come up with a unique company name. If the name of the company you organize or incorporate is unlike any other name registered in New Jersey, the state will most likely approve the company in 1-2 business days. However, if the company name is somewhat similar to a preexisting name, even if dissolved, the processing time to incorporate can take up to 2 weeks. A representative will be happy to do a name search for you and let you know if the name you'd like to use is available.

The state filing fee to incorporate in New Jersey is $125 for a corporation or LLC. After the business is incorporated or organized, the annual reports for either entities is just $50.

Unlike most states, the state of New Jersey requires an S-Corp to separately elect for S-Corp status at the state level. After your business is incorporated, we will provide you with the forms you will need to file with the state.