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Quick Notes on Incorporating in Illinois

Processing time State fees Our fee
25 business days
on average
2 days with Expedited Filing
with $112.75 expedite fee
C-Corp or S-Corp
In Illinois, the states fees are substantially more expensive to form an LLC than a corporation. The state fee to form an LLC is $500, while the state fee for incorporating is only $175.

Once the company has been incorporated or organized, the official incorporation documents must be recorded in the Office of the Recorder in county of the registered office. Furthermore, an annual report form must be filed each year within 60 days immediately preceding the first day of the anniversary month of incorporating. The filing fee for LLCs is set at $250 while it varies for corporation depending on a formula based on paid-in capital.

Keep in mind, if the name you use for your corporation or LLC was previously in use by another company, that company must be inactive for 3 years with the state before the name will be considered available.