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Quick Notes on Incorporating in Georgia

Processing time State fees Our fee
20 business days
on average
3 days with Expedited Filing
with $100 expedite fee
C-Corp or S-Corp
Incorporating or organizing an LLC in Georgia is a very quick process. Business name availability is typically not a problem, with the exception of preexisting, dissolved entity name conflicts. There is a 5-year waiting period in GA to reuse a name. Our staff will be happy to help you think of alternate names if necessary.

The average processing time to incorporate in Georgia is 4-6 business days. The state of Georgia charges $100 to set up a corporation or an LLC. However, once formed, Georgia Corporations and LLC have slightly different maintenance requirements. All corporations in Georgia must file an initial annual registration form that lists three principal officers, with the Secretary of State. The fee is $30 and must be done within 90 days of incorporating. Further, all Georgia corporations must publish a notice of intent to incorporate in the newspaper which is the official legal organ of the county where the initial registered office of the corporation is to be located. Georgia has no publishing requirement for LLCs. However, in order to start a business in the state of Georgia (S-Corp, C-Corp or LLC) you must have a business license. Licenses are obtained through either the city or county in which you plan to conduct business.